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Property Inventory Report and Check-Ins

Our professional Property Inventory report and check in service have a team of expert inventory specialists who will create a comprehensive schedule of condition. With our Check-In process it allows for this inventory to be explained in person to the tenant and obtain their signature which sets expectations for your tenants for when they leave the property to avoid any disputes over deposit deductions.

Using an independent company such as Blue Moon Certificates provides a full-unbiased record of how the property was handed over. A service that is beneficial for both the tenant and landlord. The Inventory Report and Check Out Report are essential documents in ensuring financial protection for both and helps maintain a good relationship between all parties.

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Simply book an inspection and we will send a specialist to your address at a time convenient to you. They will conduct the survey, create the report which you can then use in case of any dispute. We offer the full Inventory report on its own, a Property Inventory report and check in service, or an end of tenancy check-out service.

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  • Expert Inventory Specialists
  • Cost effective package options
  • Professional and friendly service
  • Online Management via portal