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Gas Safety and Boiler Service

Blue Moon Certificates have a nationwide team that specialise in providinga leading gas safety and boiler service. It is your legal duty as a landlord to cover any gas appliance that you own and provide for the use of the tenants of your property.

It is vital that you have your boiler and gas appliances inspected and serviced on an annual basis. Reduce the risk of breakdowns and ensure safety today! For more information on our Gas Safety Certificates and Boiler Service, please read below.

What is a Gas Safety Certificate?

A Gas Safety Certificate, also known as a landlord’s gas safety record or CP12,is mandatory for all rental properties with gas burning appliances. As a landlord, you are responsible for the gas safety of your tenants. You must ensure that all gas appliances are working correctly and safely.

A Gas Safety Certificate is valid for a year from the date it is issued. Our highly experienced nationwide team can carry out all the necessary checks and provide you with this certificate. Here is a list of what needs to be carried out to provide the certificate. Once the specialist confirms all appliances are safe and working properly then we can issue you the certificate.

Do I need a Gas Safety Certificate?

Due to this being a legal requirement, it is vital that if you have your property rented out or have plans to, you have a valid certificate which confirms that all of the appliances in the property are safe to use and fit for purpose.

Failure to comply with these regulations can result in legal penalties.

How do we carry out our Inspections?

The inspection will be carried out by one of our Gas Safe Registered Engineers and can be done within just one visit. It is important that you declare exactly how many appliances you need checking, which if any appliance burns gas within the household. We have a highly knowledgeable and friendly team that can offer advice and answer any questions you may have.

Arrange a boiler service via Blue Moon Certificates today and have peace of mind that your boiler is working as efficiently as possible. Every boiler should be serviced at least once a year to reduce the risk of breakdowns and most importantly ensure safety. Our nationwide team of experts will make sure your boiler is functioning at the highest level and providing you with the best quality and cost-effective heating service that you deserve. Whether you require this service for yourself or your tenants, book online today. All our engineers are fully Gas Safe registered, qualified and insured.

The importance of getting a boiler serviced

By having a boiler that is functioning at the highest level can save you money on heating due to improved efficiency. If you are currently not getting your boiler serviced regularly then it is likely that any issues will go undetected. This could result in high cost for repairs or even a replacement boiler being needed. Our simple yearly inspection will reduce or eliminate the cost of repair.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal and is caused by faulty or poorly maintained appliances.

Book a boiler service online today.

What will the engineer do during the boiler service?

Here are some of the key checks that our engineer will carry out for you:

Visual inspection – Check that the boiler meets current standards and requirements and look for any corrosion or leaks.

Removal of the boiler casing – Ensure the components are working correctly and clean inside the boiler, checking the heat exchanger, burner, main injector and spark probe.

Flue check – That the flue terminal and flue are safely fitted.

Gas pressure check – Make sure your boiler is working at the correct pressure.

Boiler fired up – Discover any working faults when the boiler is on.