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Floor Plan and Photography

Blue Moon Certificates provides you with our fantastic floor plan and photography package so you can professionally market your property. Great value for money and easy to book! We have a nationwide team on hand with the knowledge and expertise necessary to deliver our high standards.

We believe our floor plan service is one of the most important marketing tools we can provide to help sell your commercial or residential property. Floor plans are a popular feature for many online house hunters. Competition is fierce and there is a level of convenience that has developed over the years. Therefore, we want to help you deliver the highest level of convenience to your potential buyers.

All our floor plans our provided by our specialists and are drawn up in line with Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) guidelines.

  • 2D & 3D floor planning for any property
  • Show your buyers what they can have with our floor planning services
  • Suitable for residential properties
  • All done by experienced floor plan surveyors
  • Nationwide coverage
What is the importance of having a floor plan?

Make it easier to rent out or sell your property!

Professionally showcase your property online

A floor plan is a great marketing tool to sell your property. A floor plan that features a detailed visual description of the space can be both helpful and professional looking. Give your prospects a feel for the property without having to visit on site.

It is suitable for any type of property

We provide floor plans for both commercial and residential properties. If you are about to sell, rent out, build or lease your house or office, the floor plans we create are perfect for anyone who enters the property market.

This service is easy to arrange

Use our online booking form to arrange a visit by a floor plan designer. A member from our professional team will carefully examine the property and take all the necessary details to design your floor plan.

First impressions are everything! We understand the importance of visual representation in today’s digital-driven market and offer property photography services with a commitment to portraying your property in the best possible light using composition, natural lighting and attention to detail to underline the unique qualities and features of your property.

Using the latest techniques and equipment alongside our professional photographers, we deliver outstanding results. Our staff are full time professionals who solely work with property.

Our photography is bright, vibrant, evenly lit and wide angled, ensuring an accurate representation of each property. Once the in-house visit is completed, every photo is edited to ensure it looks its best before being sent to the agent ready for upload.

  • Specialist property photographers
  • Outstanding results
  • Residential Properties
  • Using the latest camera technology

The vast majority of buyers use property portals and agent websites to create a list of properties based on their requirements, be they location, size or even school catchment area. Once your property makes it onto this list, the buyer will usually have decided whether it is of interest to them having only viewed the first couple of pictures.

As you can imagine, creating a good first impression in that brief moment is the key to generating enquiries. Here at Blue Moon Certificates we specialise in providing images that make your listings stand out from the competition and dramatically increase interest.