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Electrical Installation Condition Reports & Portable Appliance Testing

Our EICR and PAT test package allows you to receive an assessment on the quality of your electrical installations and check all of your electrical appliances. This package will cover you with the mandatory Electrical Safety Standards Regulations.

We have a nationwide team of expert electricians and engineers that you can trust, providing a friendly and professional service which is fast and simple to book online.

What is an EICR report?

Electrical Installation condition reports (EICR) are provided as an official document given after an assessment by a qualified engineer or electrician. The reports are an assessment on the quality of your electrical installation. The electrics and cables deteriorate over time and so it is vital that the condition is checked for safety purposes.

Our team of experts across the country are fully trained in carrying out these reports and make the process fast, simple and affordable. The primary purpose of this service is to ensure safety of people, property and livestock within the premises. We advise our customers to carry out inspections in regular intervals and the time is dependent on the type of installation. Please read below for more information.

How often should you carry out an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)?

The regulations for electrical safety standards states that of June 2020 the following applies:- Ensure the electrical installations in their rented properties are inspected and tested by a qualified and competent person at least every 5 years.

Key Questions that our EICR report will answer

The inspection will find out if (taken from

  • any electrical installations are overloaded
  • there are any potential electric shock risks and fire hazards
  • there is any defective electrical work
  • there is a lack of earthing or bonding – these are 2 ways of preventing electrical shocks that are built into electrical installations
What is a portable appliance testing (PAT)?

Portable Appliance Testing or PAT Testing is the process of checking electrical appliances for safety through a series of visual inspections and electronic tests. It is a mandatory Health and Safety Regulation governed by a Code of Practice issued by the institute of Electrical Engineers.

Our team of professionals will carry out a visual inspection of the appliance, plug and lead. There is a common misconception that it is just equipment that can be plugged in, but it is a little more complex than that. The equipment will also inject test signals into the cable and appliance to ensure their integrity.

What will you receive?

The PAT tester whilst on site will apply a sticker stating whether the appliance has passed or failed. If passed, a date will be applied for when the next test needs to be completed by, which is typically 12 months. However, this can be from 6 to 24 months dependent on the appliance.

Visual Inspection

The visual inspection will take place before any electrical testing.


The first stage is to determine what type of PAT test is required . The two main choices here are the Dedicated PAT testers and Separate Test Equipment.